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The SLEEVE APPLICATOR MACHINE is a fully automatically labeller able to pack containers made of glass or other materials with shrinkable sleeve. The sleeve is continuously unrolled from the reel through rollers and it is then put on the forming tube, which opens and prepares the sleeve for the cutting operation. A blades rotating system cuts the sleeve at the required length, which is then positioned and pulled on the product as a label. The product thus obtained passes into a steam or electric (option) shrinking tunnel, so that the sleeve fits perfectly to the contour of the container. The format change, which allows the working of different products, is easy and quick: the number of parts to be replaced for the various formats, in fact, is extremely reduced and it is not necessary to use any tool. The Sleeve Applicator machine has great ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the high degree of the machine technology ensures a particularly efficient and continuous operation.


Single lane:

TPS100 Maximum speed 100 ppm
TPS150 Maximum speed 150 ppm
TPS250 Maximum speed 250 ppm
TPS2T-100 with double head - Maximum speed 100 ppm

TPS2T-220 with double head - Maximum speed 220 ppm
TPS2T-400 with double head - Maximum speed 400 ppm

Double lane:

TPS100-DL Maximum speed 100+100 ppm
TPS200-DL Maximum speed 200+200 ppm

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