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Electronic single, double or triple-track machine for the application of self-adhesive handles on a variety of clustered products.

The packs arrive on the machine infeed conveyor, and are then automatically slowed down and spaced via a series of Intralox conveyors.
The adhesive tape is unwound by an electronically controlled motor-driven roller as a function of pack flow. Application of the cardboard (or other materials) on the adhesive is carried out continuously by a mechanical double cam system. The thus-obtained handles are continuously applied to the transiting clusters by an electronic mono-applicator head.
Handle application movement is fully controlled by electrical-axis servo motors. Each handle application cycle takes place within a space smaller than the inter-product gap, thus ensuring the system has excellent flexibility.
Depending on the product being processed, the machine can be equipped with the handle arch (optional) unit, a dynamic, mechanical, electronically synchronised system that operates during product/pack through-flow. Handle and cardboard alignment is electronic, allowing the machine to correct any errors autonomously via automatic repositioning.
The handle tape is made of transparent mono-oriented polypropylene coupled to cardboard (or other materials), which may be neutral, coloured or printed with promotional text and/or images.

Each head can be provided with a second reel holder for 5000-metre adhesive tape reels (optional).


All machines can work with pre-laminated adhesive tape reels.
Maximum output rate: 120 packs/min. on single track
Maximum output rate: 120+120 packs/min. on double track

Maximum output rate: 120+120+120 packs/min. on triple track

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