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Machine designed to produce clusters of bottles or other containers using adhesive tape as opposed to heat-shrink film.

The machine consists of two distinct stations:

1.1. Clustering station
The clustering unit produces the required cluster of containers and applies the adhesive tape on the side. The feed system consists of two lateral slat conveyors that separate the number of containers needed to form the cluster. The thus-sorted cluster is then conveyed to the taping station. Two lateral taping units apply adhesive tape of the required size, creating both a front and rear overlap which can be adjusted from 10 to 20 mm (patented system).
The adhesive tape is unwound by a motor and the cut is controlled by the print alignment photocell. Tape tension during unwinding is monitored by a pneumatically controlled dancer roll.
The characteristics of the tape used to bind the cluster together are:
- height: from 25 to 160 mm
- thickness: from 30 to 50 microns
- type: bi-oriented polypropylene or polyester
- colour: transparent or printed

1.2 Handle application statio
This station applies the handle to the bundle.
The tape is unwound by a motor-driven roller, controlled electronically according to pack flow; as it passes through a series of rollers via a cam, continuous mechanical application of the label takes place.
Once the established length of tape has been fed, the machine cuts it and applies flaps of equal length on both the front and rear of the pack. Alignment of handle and cardboard is electronically controlled and the system can self-recover any alignment errors by automatically repositioning the handle.
The machine can also be equipped with a second reel holder for 5000 m adhesive tape reels.
Handle characteristics are:
- height: 25 mm.
- thickness: 50 microns
- type: mono-oriented polypropylene
- colour: transparent
The two workstations, while perfectly synchronised and linked together, can also be used independently to make, where required, multipacks without handles.


maximum output rate: 100 bundles/min.

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